My dog loves cherries off the tree

As I sit in my yard on this early summer day, I am watching my dog graze on the cherries that have fallen from the tree. I try to get her not to eat them but it is a losing battle.....

I remember when she was a puppy and she was at daycare and she had a vomiting episode. They noticed that she vomited a cherry pit and rushed her to the emergency vet thinking cherries were poisonous.

After leaving my work site and rushing an hour to get to the vet hospital they drove her to, I learned from vet that my pup was fine and there is some confusion around the danger with cherry pits.

The confusion comes from cherry pits containing trace amounts of cyanide. I am told your dog would need to eat copious amounts of pits. What qualifies as copious amounts? That is the million dollar question.

If your dog is having severe clinical signs of cyanide poisoning, namely tremors, hyperventilation, convulsions, difficulty breathing, or mucus membranes that are bright red, the veterinarian will need to assess the situation


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